7 December


Christmas Crackers


In the UK, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without crackers. You get them at Christmas parties and of course, during your Christmas dinner on 25 December. But in Germany, crackers are not a Christmas tradition and more likely to found at a New Year’s Eve celebration!

What a cracker!


Crackers are made out of a cardboard tube which is covered in brightly coloured paper. One person holds each end and you both pull at the same time. There’s a little explosive ‘pop’ and the person left holding the big bit wins the goodies inside. As well as a small gift, a cracker will usually contain a joke and a paper hat. Everyone has to wear one! And everyone also has to read their jokes out loud, no matter how bad they are.



Words Ahoy! · Wörter Ahoi!

Deutsch English
die Knallbonbons crackers
der Silvester New Year’s Eve
der Witz joke